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Firm is equipped to render services broadly in the following areas:

Exemption and Permissions

We can assist you in making a good case depending upon specific business requirements to obtain various permissions to ensure smooth functioning of business and exemption from most complex regulatory requirement of maintaining records in hard copies and in prescribed formats under various Labour and Allied Laws, which may be applicable to your nature of business.

Notices & Inspections

We can represent you before any quasi or judicial authority across country in most regulatory compliant and cost effective manner to respond to all notices and inspection appropriately.

Record Maintenance Support

Almost under every Labour law there is specific requirement to maintain such records. We will let you know, what all relevant records need to be maintained and how, to be in absolute compliance with these requirements.

'Update - Labour Laws

This is a continuous process. There have been frequent changes in various labour/employment laws recently and many more are underway. A slightest noncompliance of any legal provision might have adverse bearing on your business interest. So it is really important to get regular updates.

Contractual / Outsourced / Flexi Staffing Solutions

The founder and mentor of the firm has hands on experience of managing regulatory and legal compliance for 20000+ resources at a time, deployed with multiple clients and industries across the country. This gives us an edge over competitors to provide an expert and practical solutions in managing Flexi / Contractual Workforces in accordance with Indian Contract Labour Act and other Allied Labour/Employment Laws.

Pay-roll, Regulatory Compliance and Insurance Management

We can help you in extending and managing these support and by outsourcing these activities to us you can be free from complexities of these aspects of business and focus on your core business activities.

Compensation and Benefits Structure Design

We design and suggest duly compliant C&B structure for your employees at all levels. Our C&B structures shall be in conformity with the legal, audit and tax compliance requirement and in most desirable form for Employer and Employees alike.

Arbitration and Litigation Support

with multi locations presence, we render at par services in all Metros, state Capitals and other major cities.


any other area of service requirement can be worked out mutually.

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