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Practice Areas

Firm is equipped to render services broadly in the following areas:


HR and Employment/Labour Laws Practice (Advisory, Opinion, Consulting and Litigation Support).

New Business/ Start Up support

Business Registrations, Approvals and Licenses required from Government / Statutory Authorities (New/Renewal) under various applicable Laws.

Contracts Management

Drafting, Vetting and Execution of all types of Agreement, for instance, Legal , Business, Employment / Personnel related, Premises, NDAs, IPRs, Vendors/Service Providers Agreement etc.

Vendors Audit and HR Compliance Support

Internal Audit Assignments for Employment / Labour Laws. Physical assessment of Internal and External Services Providers’ Compliance level and suggesting measures for correction / improvement to ensure that you achieve and maintain an absolute compliant level under various applicable laws of the Land at all times.

Grievances Redressal

Redressal and Resolution of Employer and Employees disputes/grievances related to or arising out of their employment conditions, wages, leave, retrenchment (outplacement) and other applicable social security schemes. we can assist you in managing queries and grievances redressal mechanism in most professional, legal and regulatory compliant manner.

Mandatory Legal Trainings Support

We conduct mandatory training session / awareness program under Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013. As you may know it is a mandatory regulatory requirement to be complied with by every organization which employs 10 or more employees at any given point of time and at any of its work place/s, whether in Public Sector or in Private Sector. Considering the sensitivity of the subject, you must choose your training partner for this regulatory and legal requirement very carefully. We also devise training module and conduct training sessions for empowering the internal HR, Operations, Compliance and Legal teams of our Clients.

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